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                      PowerMill overview video (2:04 min.)

                      Create precision complex parts with advanced CNC programming

                      PowerMill? 5-axis CAM software provides expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5-axis subtractive, high-rate additive, and hybrid manufacturing.

                      CNC machining video (1:32 min.)

                      Solve complex problems with dedicated CNC strategies

                      Access a vast library of strategies. Reduce programming times with rapid toolpath calculation.

                      • Shorten machining times with high-efficiency 3- and 5-axis NC code.
                      • Improve control with advanced toolpath editing.
                      • Automate programming with customizable templates and macros.

                      Maximize CNC machine efficiency and part quality

                      • Automatically avoid collisions and gouges.
                      • Simulate, verify, and optimize motion of CNC machines and industrial robots.
                      • Improve productivity with lights-out machining.
                      • Minimize the need for manual polishing.

                      Attend local events

                      Visit MFG TV channel

                      See how people are using PowerMill

                       Video: Mold manufacturer uses PowerMill and Fusion 360 to serve the aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors

                      PRECISE TOOLING SOLUTIONS

                      Making better molds with EDM

                      Mold manufacturer uses PowerMill and Fusion 360 to produce tight tolerance parts for the aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors.

                      Video: NASA engineers are experimenting with industrial robots to 3D-print habitats on Earth, the moon, and Mars

                      NASA HABITATS

                      Robot-driven 3D-printed habitats on Mars

                      Preparing for stays on the moon and Mars, NASA uses Autodesk technology to 3D print a proof of concept with lunar materials and recycled plastic.

                      Video: IQ Manufacturing uses PowerMill 5-axis CAM software to automate the CNC programming of challenging rib features

                      IQ MANUFACTURING

                      Rib machining strategies help lower costs

                      Mold manufacturer uses rib machining strategies in PowerMill to CNC mill difficult ribs “lights-out,” bringing costly outsourced work back in house.

                      Local PowerMill events, webinars, and conferencesSee all events 

                      See how PowerMill works with other Autodesk software

                      • ?Modeling tools to enhance CAM programming

                      • ?Schedule production, track jobs, and monitor CNC machines

                      • ?Optimize mold designs and improve manufacturing

                      • ?Use metrology to control manufacturing quality

                      • ?Combine additive and subtractive processes

                      • PowerMill + PowerShape (video: 2:05 min.)

                        Get modeling for manufacture tools to help prepare complex parts for machining. Find and repair faults with imported data. Create additional geometry to enhance CAM programming

                      • PowerMill + Fusion Production (video: 1:51 min.)

                        Combine production planning, job tracking, and CNC machine monitoring with cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for smart manufacturing.

                      • PowerMill + Moldflow (video: 1:51 min.)

                        Engineers and analysts use Moldflow software for plastic injection molding simulation to improve plastic part designs, injection mold designs, and manufacturing processes.

                      • PowerMill + PowerInspect (video: 1:41 min.)

                        PowerInspect can help you validate and control the precision of manufacturing processes. Use in-cycle measurements on CNC machinery to shorten setup times, confirm part quality, and improve productivity.

                      • PowerMill + Netfabb (video: 51 sec.)

                        Make the most of additive and subtractive manufacturing. Use 3D printing to produce lightweight parts with internal latticing. Then, finish critical features with precision CNC machining.

                      Promo Data: FY20 Multi-Year Offer

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