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                      Autodesk affiliate program

                      This portal contains helpful tips to get started in the Autodesk Affiliate Program.

                      About the Autodesk Affiliate Program

                      • Program benefits

                        As an affiliate, you receive the following benefits:

                        • 9% commission rate on all products*
                        • Cookie Duration of 60 days
                        • Full product data feed available
                        • Affiliate Newsletter updates on new promotions, product releases, and more
                        • Ability to promote products across geographies
                        • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to assist you
                      • Program guidelines

                        All affiliates are required to adhere to the Program Guidelines. These guidelines detail how you may and may not promote Autodesk. For any questions, please contact the Affiliate Team.

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                      About Autodesk

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                      View the annual showcase of customer work in the AEC industry. (1:29 min.)

                      PD&M showreel

                      View the annual showcase of customer work in the PD&M industry. (1:45 min.)

                      M&E showreel

                      View the annual showcase of customer work in the M&E industry. (2:43 min.)